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Contribute to a better future for all

Powering conversations towards SDG7

We believe that encouraging conversations towards SDG7 is key to African economic and human development.
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Telling the stories that matter on the journey to Carbon Neutrality

We foster discussions on carbon neutrality incentives including carbon credits, and interrogate how these policies benefit Africa.
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Championing advocacy for Sustainable Energy

We believe that encouraging conversations towards SDG7 is key to African economic and human development.
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Everyday, people are making discoveries as we push for a more sustainable energy future. Share your great ideas with the world, lend your voice to the conversation.

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Shine a spotlight on your sustainability initiatives

Discover how our platform amplifies your sustainability efforts, connecting large corporations, businesses, and individuals with a global audience. Showcase your projects, especially those benefiting remote and underserved areas, and inspire positive change worldwide.
  • Reach a vast audience eager to support sustainable causes
  • Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations passionate about sustainability
  • Gain recognition for your efforts and influence positive change on a larger scale

Gain recognition when you tap into ongoing projects

Gain well-deserved recognition and showcase your commitment to sustainability by joining forces with impactful initiatives already in motion. This way, you become a co-owner of whatever ongoing cause you support.


Choose from a wide range of sustainability projects going on in more than 30 African countries.


We’ve overseen the completion and promotion of 250+ vital green energy projects.

I stumbled upon this platform and was immediately drawn to the impactful projects happening in Kenya. It was inspiring to see the tangible difference being made in my own community.

Contributing was a no-brainer for me, and the process was seamless. I’m proud to be part of something bigger than myself.

As a business owner in Lagos, I’m always looking for ways to give back to my community and make a positive impact. When I discovered the ongoing projects on this platform, I knew I had found the perfect opportunity.

Not only did I contribute to the growth of sustainability in Lagos, but I also received recognition for my efforts, which was truly rewarding.

Living in Gabon, I’ve witnessed firsthand the importance of preserving our natural resources. When I came across the projects featured on this platform, I was impressed by their commitment to sustainability.

Contributing to these initiatives allowed me to play a part in protecting our environment and promoting a brighter future for Gabon and beyond.

Sarah MwangiSarah MwangiVolunteerAdeola AdeyemiAdeola AdeyemiVolunteerPierre NzenguetPierre NzenguetVolunteer

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